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The Great BDO Travel Sale Lands in Bacolod | July 12 to 14, 2019


It’s an exciting weekend for travel bugs! Use your BDO card and get the best deals airline companies have to offer – their lowest yet to local and international destinations. Opening today, The Great BDO Travel Sale makes a stop at the main atrium of SM City Bacolod, setting camp for the weekend so that travel enthusiasts of the province take advantage of affordable fares to their dream destinations.

Travel, Because Why Not?

What makes traveling so much fun these days is that airlines are touching base with more destinations while offering fares at a fraction of what it used to cost then. More and more people are now able to make their dream of visiting different places come true. Many a bucket list has been completed all because of easier and affordable means of traveling!


Pitstop: City of Smiles

From today, July 12 until Sunday, July 14, 2019, The Great BDO Travel Sale has exclusive offers for BDO Rewards, credit and debit cards.

Participating Airlines: There are four major airlines participating this weekend: Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific, AirAsia and Asiana Airlines.

Qualified cards: BDO Mastercard, VISA, JCB, UnionPay and Diners Club credit cards; American Express cards issued by BDO; BDO Debit Cards and BDO Cash Cards; BDO Rewards Cards.

Highlight: BDO credit card holders can avail of 0% interest on 3 months installment and even better, get billed 2 months later. Note that this is only applicable to Peso credit card transactions at the venue and for select partners only. The full mechanics can be obtained from the Information Booth at the event area.

Check out this link for BDO’s Buy Now Pay Later terms and conditions.

Don’t Have a BDO Card? Don’t fret! The BDO booth also accepts credit card applications.

Main Atrium, SM City Bacolod
Philippine Airlines
Asiana Airlines
Cathay Pacific

Bacolod Best Rates

All the participating airlines have their best airfare deals listed. You can also consult with their travel team to get quotations for group travel and the like. For international travel, some of the best deals start at USD89 for round trip base fare to Bangkok, USD100 to Hong Kong, USD515 to London or USD555 to New York. Yes, roundtrip!

There are also quite a lot of domestic destinations to choose from, with one-way base fares going for as low as PHP399!

Travel Period: until May 31, 2020, unless specified otherwise specified. Check with each airline for specific cut-off dates.

Exclusions: Published rates do not include Philippine travel tax and other fees.

Come Prepared! A copy of valid passport is required for international bookings. For domestic travel, valid ID must be available upon request.

Value-Added Services

The Great BDO Travel Sale is a one-stop shop for travel bookings! Special service booths are also located in the area, such as:

TIEZA: Are you qualified for travel tax exemption? TIEZA personnel can help you! Make sure you pass by the booth BEFORE ticket issuance.

Likewise, you can also pay your Philippine travel tax of PHP1,620 at the TIEZA booth. It’s a convenient service for travelers initiated by BDO. Cash transactions only.

Pacific Cross: Take more adventures without the worry; make sure you’re protected when travelling. Travel insurance packages are available for both domestic and international travels. Premiums vary, depending on the total number of days and destination. For example, the premium per person for a four-day trip abroad starts at only PHP380 and PHP291.20 for Philippine travel.

Avail of travel insurance after you book your dream destination. Get big savings on TravelSafe packages when you pay with your BDO credit or debit card.

PLDT: Internet connection for The Great BDO Travel Sale is powered by PLDT. Check out their Fibr connection offerings!

VISA: For VISA cardholders, pick a prize after purchasing airline tickets.

Here’s something else! One of the best things offered at The Great BDO Travel Sale is on from BDO itself: if you’re a credit card holder and not sure you have enough credit to make a purchase, go to the BDO booth within the event area and request for a credit card increase. What? Yes, they can do that!

It’s temporary, of course, and only for the transaction you need to do at the travel sale. Present your card and valid ID and work with the staff on how much credit you wish to add so you can make your purchase. They’ll check if you qualify first, then they’ll run process your request and in about an hour or less, you’ll receive notification of approval.

Myrna Tee (left), Vice President for Consumer Lending Group - Marketing, leads the BDO team for the last leg this year of The Great BDO Travel Sale.

If you’re looking for travel deals, you won’t get it any better than at The Great BDO Travel Sale! Seal your bookings now and enjoy your adventure when the time for travel comes.


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