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SM Luggage Boy Hailed One of World’s Best


If the name Christian “Xian” Tecson doesn’t ring a bell, maybe the tag SM Luggage Boy will. Yes, that highly entertaining, comical, sales associate that grabbed the attention of netizens last year for the unique and unforgettable way he presented luggage while at work at The SM Store at SM City Lipa in Batangas.

It was Xian’s info-tainment style of selling with the now famous Zipper Dance that brought him all the attention. The Zipper Dance is the SM Luggage Boy’s trademark move – a jaw-dropping, gasp-inducing split!

Xian Tecson splits with luggage in Tokyo
SM Luggage Boy Xian Tecson’s trademark “split” lands in Tokyo.

The Luggage Boy of SM has since gone places, touring mostly other SM branches nationwide. At every tour stop, the reactions from shoppers are the same: they are delighted to meet Xian! More so, shoppers are also drawn to his enthusiastic ability to engage in witty conversations with customers.

In a previous interview, Xian said he really loves his job. He said that being enthusiastic at work is what makes his shift enjoyable and he can see his positivity rubbing off on his co-workers, too.

Cinching that Award

The ever-smiling sales associate’s efforts paid off for him. Christian “Xian” Tecson bagged the first runner-up spot for the title “World’s Best Sales Associate at a Department Store.” This was at the World Department Store Forum 2019 held in Toyko, Japan.

SM Luggage Boy with tophies and WDSF guests
Xian Tecson (center) with The SM Store SVP - Business Unit Head for Shoes, Bags and Accessories Aldwin Co (left), and IGDS President Paolo De Cesare.

About 95 countries each presented sales associates in the different categories at the forum. As we can all imagine, Xian beamed from the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo all the way back to the Philippines.

Prior to this world championship, the SM Luggage Boy emerged victorious as The SM Store’s Customer Service Rewards National Champion 2018. The event is an annual program of The SM Store that recognizes all their best frontliners, most especially the service providers who consistently deliver exceptional shopping experiences to customers.

Last year’s nationals was Xian’s time to shine. As a Sales Associate at The SM Store Lipa, Xian differentes himself by infusing creativity and fun while selling luggage. His ways often elicit loud gasps from customers; his efforts never end without applause. Xian swears by his technique: not only does he entertain, he believes it has helped him close sales as well.

The SM Luggage Boy’s Famous Routine

Info-tainment would best describe how Xian delivers exceptional shopping experience to his customers. In order to convince customers of the good product features of the luggage carried by The SM Store, a sales associate would have to go through some technical information. Sounds boring? Not the way Xian does it. His creative selling approach is captivating to audiences because he incorporates dance skills with his sales pitch, also including his trademark “split.”

His routine has since been tagged as the Zipper Dance.

SM Luggage Boy split and zipper dance
The viral sensation does info-tainment selling with his trademark “split,” now known as the “Zipper Dance.”

Viral and Beyond

How Xian made his way to social media stardom was through a delighted and highly entertained customer who uploaded a video of him onto Facebook. Xian is seen explaining the features of a piece of luggage. To convince customers of its durability, Xian brought in the moves, the split included. Unknown to Xian, he would become an internet sensation.

The Facebook video picked up speed quickly and was featured on the four major television networks, nine broadsheets and various digital website pages. Xian was mostly praised by netizens for his attitude towards work, belief in his product, concern for his customers, his wit and charm, and his talent for entertainment. Even on video, he exuded positivity which could be felt by the thousands of viewers. Overall, it was a feel-good video that could make your day.

SM’s Luggage Boy went global when international networks took notice, among them Korea’s SBS News and Australia’s ABC News.

Right now, SM Luggage Boy Xian is still basking from the first-runner up award in the World Department Store Forum. This is an international recognition he cherishes the most: to be hailed of the best sales associate in the world. He can only be inspired to continue being the best he can be.

You are extraordinary, Xian! Your SM family is proud of you.

Xian Tecson Luggage Boy jumps for joy
One of the world’s best associates, the SM Luggage Boy!

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