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Miniso’s Pig Plushies are Perfect for Chinese New Year

Miniso Pig Plush CNY - Celebrate the Year of the Pig with plush toys from Miniso at SM City Bacolod.

The Japanese lifestyle brand Miniso is delightfully squealing, ready to welcome the Year of the Pig! Rolling out this February is their collection of pink, huggable pig plush toys and accessories. Let their cheerfulness rub off on you, along with good luck and positivity for the year ahead!

What’s up with the Pig?

Children born under this sign are said to be unusually cheerful. Pig people are among the most optimistic and do not easily get disheartened. It’s quite hard to undo their cheerfulness – it might even rub off on you.

As a cheerful child, a Pig does not get sad for too long either for he or she tries to find happiness in whatever situation, most especially in the small things. Not one to be materialistic, the small things mean being with their favorite people, communication with loved ones, playing with favorite toys, eating delicious food, and so many other simple joys.

Pigs and piglets believe that life is given for happiness so whatever problems come their way can and should be solved just as quickly. By doing so, they do not find many problems too difficult for they believe that as long as it is faced with happiness, good health and a positive attitude, they can overcome it.

Despite this seemingly happy-go-lucky demeanor, Pigs are actually quite goal-oriented. They are keen to follow through on their dreams. In this quest, they try to act gently and tactfully towards others so that they do not offend.

Girls born under the Pig sign are noted to be gentle, kind and caring, while boys are brave and valiant and has a good heart. Both boys and girls like to read a lot, love interesting stories and will plan to reach their goals with dignity and integrity. The Pig is truly a gentle, cheerful soul.

Miniso Channels the Positive Pig

And so these wonderful qualities bring us back to the Year of the Pig and Miniso’s pig plush toys and accessories.

Miniso hopes you feel all the pig positivity rubbed into their plushies! Their joyful vibe makes them hard to resist. Not only are they adorable, they are so soft and huggable. These little piggies have an air of mischief about them, too. Why, check out the Pig that wants to be a bunny and a dinosaur! So adorable.

Miniso Pig Plush CNY 01 – huggable plush pig pillow at SM City Bacolod.
Celebrate Chinese New Year with this huggable pig inspired pillow.

Aside from plush toys, there’s also a line of huggable pig pillows, creative eye masks for restful eyes, and novelty neck pillows for travelling or quick rests at your chair. All adorable!

Go and check out these Year of the Pig inspired plush toys at Miniso stores nationwide. Here at SM City Bacolod, it’s hard to miss the brightly lit store at the 2nd Level of the North Wing. #


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  1. sanjeev September 2, 2019

    i want to buy the miniso pig plush for my daughter and it isnt avaiable anywhere. kindly let me know how i can get same.


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