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Fun Beyond Summer with SM Kids Accessories


Let’s enjoy summer in July… because, why not? Despite the occasional rain showers, most days still feels like the season hasn’t left. The heat is still on! So, yes to family vacations, fambam getaways and weekend trips. Yes to all of them!

Wait a minute, Mom. While the family is all raving for the get together, make sure your kids are sunshine ready with kids accessories. Of course, sunblock is a necessity for outdoor activities and should be in the bag, pronto.

Summer Fun with SM Accessories Kids at SM Bacolod 01
Summer glam fun with SM Accessories Kids - or anytime, really!

For the rest of the little ones’ gear, let SM Accessories Kids help you complete the list with its collection of hats, sun glasses, watches and small bags. All these keep your kiddo protected and very fashion-forward.

Complete the look of the OOTD with kids accessories. You’ll have kids rocking their looks in the family photos!

Here are some great suggestions from SM Accessories Kids for quick, savvy summer looks:

Hats. Keep your little ones protected but still stylish! Check out the bucket hats for full shade. They come in delightful designs, colorful prints and patterns, all made with summer in mind. The baseball caps have a cute twist to them: statement designs and colors that stand out. Oh so vibrant!

Eyewear. The kids will look adorably grown-up-but-not-quite when they don the the cool wayfarers and aviators. These classics have been given a new look. The upgrade sports translucent frames in delicious colors that strongly say candy. Talk about eye candy!

Summer Fun with SM Accessories Kids at SM Bacolod 09
Eye candy kids will like! Sun glasses from SM Accessories Kids

Watches. Summer is perfectly captured in the jelly strap watches lined up at the SM Accessories Kids department.

Bags. Every kid needs one, especially vacation kids! They’re handy little things to stash away kiddie finds, trinkets and keepsakes.

Summer Fun with SM Accessories Kids at SM Bacolod 03
Your summer game is cute with these jelly bags.

All these fun and wonderful summer-loving kids accessories are available at all branches of The SM Store nationwide.


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