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February 9 Must-Do: Make the Pizza Rounds for World Pizza Day!

Celebrate World Pizza Day 2019 at SM City Bacolod.

All pizza lovers, take note: February 9 is World Pizza Day.

What was once a humble flatbread, made a bit tastier with a sparse sauce topped with sprinkles of cheese, has come a long way from when it was created in Naples, Italy around 600 BC. The flatbread that we know today is almost unrecognizable under massive toppings of tomato-based sauce, cheese, pepperoni, ham, herbs and spices, and everything else. This is what we have now come to know – and love! – as PIZZA.

We consume so much pizza that it is among the most recognizable dishes in the world. Pasta aside, pizza is an Italian cuisine staple. With so many varieties, there’s a pizza for everyone.

Go on a pizza tour and celebrate World Pizza Day! At SM City Bacolod, visit all seven stops + one more restaurant that you definitely do not associate with pizza right away. Check them all out below.

Some of these restaurants have special promos in honor of World Pizza Day. (That means super savings and great deals!) We’ve compiled them by wing so that you can map your way around with ease.

Yellow Cab Pizza Company
North Wing

What better place to start our tour than Yellow Cab: this pizzeria’s celebration of World Pizza Day Week is legendary!

Fuel your hunger with today’s special deal: Buy 1, Take 1 on Your 10″ Pizza!

That’s right, double your pizzas for the price of one – only until today! Check out the full mechanics at Yellow Cab’s restaurant at the north wing.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor
North Wing

Your pizza memories aren’t complete if it doesn’t include a taste of Shakey’s. Attractive for taste, meal bundles and party-portion sizes, this restaurant has been serving pizza fans for many years.

Left to right are three of their crowd favorites: Shakey’s Special, Manager’s Choice and Hawaiian Delight.

Foodcourt, 2nd Level, North Wing

You can’t NOT stop for a taste of Sbarro on World Pizza Day! The international pizza chain from Brooklyn, New York promises huge portions all the way, like this slice of the best-selling New York Supreme pizza. Big servings call for big drinks!

Photo Credit: Sbarro

Let’s walk over to the south wing for more pizza finds… plus one variation waiting to be discovered. Keep reading!

Nick’s Patatas
South Wing

Aside from chips and fries, they also have homemade burgers, pastas and gourmet pizzas.

This here is one of Nick’s bestsellers, the Three-Cheese Fusion.

Photo Credit: Nick's Patatas
Photo Credit: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
South Wing

You can get a regular pizza for P1 peso only when you buy one (1) large classic or specialty pie from any of the Pan Pizza selections.

The Classics are: Supreme, Italian Delight, Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme, Hawaiian Supreme, Chicken Supreme, Bacon Margherita. The Specialty Pizzas include: Super Supreme and Meat Lovers.

For your P1 pizza, you can choose from the following regular-sized varieties: Hawaiian Supreme or Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme.

Dine-in or take-out allowed. You can ask for the full mechanics at Pizza Hut.
One Day only! This Pizza Hut promo is good for World Pizza Day, February 9, 2019 ONLY.

Photo Credit: Pizza Pedrico's

Pizza Pedrico’s
Kiosk at the South Wing

If you want variety, how about four solo pizzas in a box? This has been the Pizza Pedrico’s trademark. Take your pick of four different pizza specials and make your World Pizza Day mall tour one for the books.

Photo Credit: Pizza Pedrico's

Greenwich Pizza
South Wing

Another of our south wing bestsellers is Greenwich for having a wide variety of pizza good for sharing with the barkada. This pizza chain also has a World Pizza Day promo, wherein free slices of their Hawaiian Overload will be given away at select locations — Bacolod is not included in the giveaway list, though.

Nevertheless, we can all still enjoy delicious-tasting pizza, like this Ultimate Meaty Overload Pizza below!

Photo Credit: Greenwich

Pizza unexpected… This isn’t the end of your pizza tour at SM City Bacolod. There’s one more place to check out to seal your celebration of World Pizza Day. Head on back to the north wing for…

C’s by L’Fisher
North Wing

Cap your mall pizza tour with a visit to C’s Pastry Shop. There’s a little pizza-like number tucked in their menu that’s worth a try. It’s C’s offer for when you’re not exactly craving for pizza but you don’t want a sandwich either. Check out their Pizza Baguettes! They come in two varieties, pepperoni and hawaiian.

Photo Credit: C's by L'Fisher

That concludes our round of pizza options here at the mall. Eat at your favorite pizza resto or try them all. Either way, enjoy the food trip and have a happy World Pizza Day! #


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